1. 2.25 inch Pin $2ea
    Spectators can wear at contests to show their support and members can pin them on their bag.
  2. 3.5in. Magnet $4ea
    Place the magnet on the refrigerator or your school locker
  3. Zipper Pulls $2ea
    One inch medallions with a hook to add to your coat, backpack, duffel bag
  4. Keychains $5ea
    Keychains $5ea
    Support your Choir with Keychains specific to your choir. (Circle is 2.25in)
  1. Bracelet Sizes
    Small 5.50in 4 medallions Medium 6.75in 5 medallions Large 8in 6 medallions X-Large 9.25in 7 medallions ($2.00 add. fee)
  2. Earrings $8pair
    Earrings $8pair
    The 1 inch earrings are light weight and made of stainless steel
  3. Necklaces $12ea
    Necklaces $12ea
    The necklace is a 1 inch medallion that represents your choir and comes with a chain of your choice.
  4. Bracelet $15ea
    Bracelet $15ea
    The bracelet comes with 4-6 medallions (1 inch) depending on size needed. The medallions will be a mix of Choir images and images that represent your choir
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Necklace Chain Choices

  1. Chain A
    Chain A
    Ball Chain
  2. Chain B
    Chain B
    Dash/Dot Chain
  3. Chain C
    Chain C
    Oval Beaded Chain
  4. Chain D
    Chain D
    Petite Rolo Chain